Transfer Master Token by Master


  • Mutation Example
    mutation transferMasterToken {
      transferMasterToken(input: {
        issuer: "0x001f74990fb6700262363e56cc8c917566d7c56a" # The address of the receiver (the issuer)
        value: "1000000000000000000000" # Transfer 1,000 Master Token to the receiver
  • Annotations for the parameters and attributes
    • This API is used mostly for replenishing the Issuer with Master Token, which means the Master authorises the Issuer (as a kind of certificate) and allows the Issuer can purchase Master Service Gas
    • If Master needs to hold Master Token on its own (The Master Token is locked in a Special Multi-Sig Escrow for security), Master can assign its own address into the issuer param
    • The response of this API will contain data.transferMasterToken.transaction and data.transferMasterToken.submitToken for signing before submitting transaction
  • Permission
    • Only Master is permitted to invoke this API