Issue Token


  • Mutation Example
    mutation issueToken {
      issueToken(input: {
        tokenID: "658968545",
        name: "A Token"
        symbol: "AT"
        supply: "25000000000000000000000" # Issue 25,000 token
        vendible: true
        numerator: 1,
        denominator: 345
  • Annotations for the parameters and attributes
    • An Issuer can only issue Token one time, but an Issuer can publish Voucher multiple times as long as its Master Service Gas is enough
    • The part of numerator = 1 and denominator = 345 indicates 1 Ether is worth 345 Token, so that the ratio between Ether and the Token will be calculated and represented in terms of this fraction
    • tokenID is required to consume specific IL that the Issuer holds. The tokenID can be checked on the Explorer of the Data Network
    • The response of this API will contain data.issueToken.transaction and data.issueToken.submitToken for signing before submitting transaction
  • Permission
    • Only Issuer is permitted to invoke this API
    • Issue token is a one-off action for Issuer